A learning management system helps to increase the interaction between the student and faculty outside the classroom by hosting the course content online. LMS / Xlearn can bring the expertise of outstanding faculty from anywhere in the globe to interest with GITAM staff and students with the help of virtual classrooms. LMS allows / supports both students and staff for different activities like posting course material, giving attendance to students, conducting quiz for the students etc.

The LMS software facilitates students and staff the below activities
By staff
  • Creation of Courses on demand
  • Enrollment of the students from core data base to courses
  • Creating sessions for every course
  • Posting attendance hourly for every course
  • Facility to conduct quiz
  • Facility to post course material to the students
  • Generation necessary reports
  • SMS to parent for every session for absentees
By Student
  • Viewing of attendance and Course material access uploaded by Staff
  • Facility to submit assignments
  • Chat within groups / Online sessions for Distance mode students