GITAM boasts of a very highly available datacentre compared to the best in any other in the state with fully redundant architecture. The data centre is equipped with dual power sources, backup diesel generators, three internet service providers with the high Internet bandwidth of >1.6 gbps and many features of International Universities.

A world class state of the art data centre is setup in Visakhapatnam campus for addressing students, staff and administration IT requirements. The data centre is constructed with best practices based design and offers the following features.

  • Dual Precision Air Conditioners of 14 Tons each
  • Dual cylinder gas based fire suppression system
  • Fire proof door , VESDA (Very Early Smoke detection Apparatus)
  • Fireproof Raised Flooring etc.
  • Sophisticated Network Switch, Routers and Firewalls
  • The latest EMC SAN Storage facility
  • 1.6 Gbps internet bandwidth facility
  • The best Symantec anti-virus software for protecting desktops and servers
  • 24 x 7 onsite maintenance , power backup
  • Dual UPS and Generator backup for Data centre
  • Blade and rack servers
  • Hosting services for internal users and departments. (CSE & IT Cloud clusters)